Some Frequently Asked Questions 

☞ Who is this for? 

The adventurer! These excursions are for anyone who wants to get outdoors and get off the grid. 

Do I have to have backpacking or camping experience to take a trip with you?

No! If you have never been backpacking or camping,  we can show you the way! 

Do I need my own gear?

If you want to bring your own gear that is fine with us so long as it is fit for the occasion. (Like, not bringing a six man tent on a 5 mile hike)

We are happy to facilitate providing gear for you. 

☞ How large can our group be? 

For private curated adventures, groups can range from 2-10 people. This can be subject to change upon each tour.  For corporate events, groups can be up to 20 people depending on activity. 

☞ How does this work?

Use the contact form to introduce yourself and let us know what type of adventure your interested in. From there we can talk about the group size and intention of your trip so we can curate the best possible excursion for you!