Let's Capture Your Adventure Together

Let our team of award-winning photographers and avid adventurers take you on an excursion that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Looking for an adventure? 

Well, you've come to the right place.  Because we do badass shit, in badass places.  

We offer adventure photography workshops, guided adventures, corporate team building excursions, as well as discuss Wilderness First Aid and survival tactics.


We ❤️4X4's
We are sponsored by Clif Bar
Photography Excursions
Exploring Mariscal Mines
We teach Astrophotography
Backcountry meals
Morning coffee is a must!
Sunset hikes 🌞

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"All I wanted was to be able to share these epic sunrises and million star nights with others. I wanted the workshops to feel like a roadtrip with your best friends, all learning and experiencing nature together. Being in nature is one of the most important things I think we can do. We need to disconnect with the internet and reconnect with Mother Nature. She makes us feel scared, happy, in awe, feel freedom, and feel small. We all need to feel small sometimes and be humbled by things that are out of our control. Digital Native Workshops is a place where we can do that. Strangers can come experience the wilderness, learn together as a team, and build relationships. We should be family when this is over." -Deleigh 

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Nice things people have said

From Megan on our Big Bend Photo trip

There's so much I want to say about Digital Natives and the phenomenal women behind this incredible experience. I went into the weekend knowing a lot about camping/hiking and only a little about photography. By the end of the weekend, not only had we cultivated great friendships and memories, I couldn't wait to photograph more using the techniques I learned. Deleigh and Lindsey are truly outstanding women who went above and beyond in building an adventure I'll always remember - despite my food allergy and physical limitations. I'm telling all my friends and family about Digital Natives Workshops! Looking forward to future trips with the #dirtroaddarlins

From Noe on a private photography workshop

An amazing, fun and full of knowledge experience, it definitely changed my photography work, more success to Digital Native and team!!


Team Leaders

Deleigh Hermes

Photographer, Wilderness First Aid, Survial 

Lindsey Thorne






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